Spazio Lineare


There is no distortion of the space, but you can compose it and personalize it. The accuracy in the details and the rhythm of the volumes, made in glass, varnish or stone, realize definite structures. If the fastest way to reach the goal is a straight line, full speed ahead.


made of 0.4 cm thick tempered matt or glossy lacquered glass, mirror with a protective film or a stone layer glued to a panel. The Composti sides are glued on the open modules (A). In case of stacked modules the side cover will show a seam (B). They cannot be applied to flush sliding door and Vison modules. The request for the covers must be made when placing the orders as the covers cannot be applied after the module has been produced.

The Composti top elements are glued to the individual modules. In case of several modules placed side by side the top is glued by the customer’s installer on the job site using a special glue supplied with the product. Stone is a natural material; its surface is protected from stains thanks to a water based coating that respects its characteristics. Its color, shape and rough surface are a feature of this material that ensure every piece is original and unique.

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Iwona Brzoza
Dorota Miazga Szlegier

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